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History of Cream-Nut

The Cream-Nut story begins when Sibbele Koeze emigrated to America from the Netherlands in the 1880’s. He built upon his Old World commitment to handcrafted, artisanal food and in 1910 established a thriving produce business.

What Sibbele Koeze started with his dedication to quality, value, and service, remains the story of Koeze Company today. Sibbele’s son, Albertus, went to work for his father and soon after directed the Koeze Company’s entry in the manufacture of fine hand-crafted peanut butter. Now, more than eighty years later, Albertus’ grandson, Jeff, is still making the same heritage, all-natural peanut butter.

To make a vintage product, we use vintage machinery. Albertus would feel right at home with our classic peanut butter equipment. Though more costly to run and maintain, this machinery allows us to slow down the process and focus on the craftsmanship of Cream-Nut peanut butter.

Selected Virginia peanuts are carefully roasted to a rich dark color, then coarse ground to perfection. To insure attention to detail, we produce small batches, one at a time. We add nothing more than a pinch of salt. There are no artificial colors or preservatives, and it’s never homogenized. The result is the best tasting, all-natural peanut butter available. Prized in West Michigan for generations, we’re proud to introduce Cream-Nut to a national audience.

NASFT 2006 Finalist in the Outstanding Jam, Preserve, Spread or Sweet Topping Category

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